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Scribble, reveal and solve!

Whilst it is great to do all the brainy challenging puzzles like Words with Ibbleobble It is very important for your development to be creative too! So Ibbleobble have made you some super activity sheets you can complete with all your friends!
Fin is awesome at problem solving so, he can do dot-to-dot with is eyes closed! Florence’s favourite is to get out her crayons and colour in her friend’s faces. Nancy on the other hand, is totally fantastic at sums. Why don’t you download an activity and give it your best shot?

Get involved

We heart colour!

Make sure you keep in the lines!

If you are anything like us at Ibbleobble, we just LOVE getting our crayons out and trying our skills out at being creative. Why not join us and download our Ibbleobble colouring in pack!

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Ibbleobble | Colour in Nancy

Dot-to-Dot puzzles

What will you find?

Why not download and print these FANTASTIC dot-to-dot puzzles, 1, 2, 3, 4… 5! Let’s see what pictures you can discover.

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Ibbleobble | Dot to dot | Kite


Help your friends count up all their objects they have collected

If Tom the Frog has 2 jelly beans and Kelly the Rabbit has 3 shells, how many items are there all together? 5! That’s correct why not try some more sums, download and print these fun FREE activities.

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Ibbleobble | Addition with Fin

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