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Hey! I am Mr Mousey!

I can help kids learn new words

Ibbleobble Mr Mousey helps you learn

“I’m Mr Mousey and I am the brainbox of all my friends!; I can count up to 1 million and 14 and also spell long words like ‘chocolate’ and ‘alphabet’. I like to be loud and share treats with all my friends. But, please don’t ask me to share my cheese… I love it, it’s delicious! *Squeak Squeak*”

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Verbal / Linguistic

Sometimes called “word smart” is an intelligence which involves the knowing of language; through reading, writing, and speaking. This means Mr Mousey is super clever at understanding words and how to use them!

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Words with Ibbleobble

A magnificent method of helping children of all ages to learn new words. The app will assist vocabulary acquisition and development, increasing communication skills, confidence and creativity.


Colour in Mr Mousey!

Get those crayons out and your ‘concentration tongue’ at the ready! Get creative! But make sure you keep those scribbles in to the lines!


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