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Apple iMessage Stickers by Ibbleobble

Why don’t you stick that in your iMessage and send it!?

Apple iMessage stickers by Ibbleobble are here! Make your conversations all kinds of fun-packed with these magnificent stickers to share with your family, friends and companions!

A picture can tell a thousand words, so we have created SEVEN fun sticker packs to add some ‘Kapow’ to your messages.

Our packs include a food pack, which includes fruit and vegetables such as a banana, peas and cherries (if you’re feeling healthy!) If it’s a treat night you have in store then you can trade fast food stickers such as pizza, burgers and hot dogs!

We also have created a weather pack. Brighten someone’s day by firing over our bright sunshine sticker or if it’s a ‘snow day’ at work – our blizzard sticker will do just the job!

In addition, we have cooked up some super space stickers. These are ideal for all you inner space buffs! This pack includes planets, space suits and UFOs… you have no excuse for not sending these intergalactic stickers to family and friends! haha

For good measure… we have created an Ibbleobble faces pack, which means iMessage conversations will never be the same! Enjoy 🙂

To the Apple iMessage Stickers!

Googly EyesiMessage Sticker

These super-cool animated stickers turn regular picture messages in to messages that make you giggle!

Download now!


With our comprehensive sticker pack made up of letters, numbers and symbols, you can create bespoke messages to share over text and images.

Download now!


Spice up your iMessage conversation with these super cool food stickers that are so amazing you will want eat them!

Download now!


Make your iMessage conversations ‘out of this world’ with these super spectacular space stickers to share with your cosmic companions!

Download now!


Come rain or shine, make someone’s day by sending them our fun-packed weather stickers. There will never be a dull day using iMessage!

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We are Free!

If you’re having FABtastic day, let people know by sharing a fun-packed smiley Lola face! We think Mr Mousey’s ‘love eyes’ are perfect if you’re feeling romantic and want to share the love!

Download FREE!


Send your friends fun-packed stickers such as baubles, a wreath and even a stocking of your choice… We have a cute selection of Christmas trees too! so take your pick!

Download now!

Halloween Stickers

We absolutely love this spooky time of year so we have created some uber scary Halloween stickers to satisfy your inner fiend!

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