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A KS1 – KS4 number patterns recall game, ideal for children aged 6+

Sequences with Ibbleobble®

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Sequences with Ibbleobble® is an engaging sequences recall game that helps early learners with KS1 – KS4 number patterns

This App will help early learners to decipher sequence problem-solving and understand repetition and familiarity. The game allows them to recognise order and relationships between numbers. We believe this is an ideal solution for children learning KS1 – KS4 number patterns.

The simplistic gameplay displays simple mind-teaser number patterns with three possible answers on the screen. Furthermore, each child is encouraged to solve the answer at their own pace or if they feeling brave, go up against the clock!

Above all, Ibbleobble® understand the importance of a child’s learning journey. As a result, we’re confident this sequence recall game will make learning fun… a challenge, but fun!

By the power of recall!

By joining their new friends in Ibbleobble® each child can choose a cute character companion, who will guide them along their journey of learning. Each character represents a different level of difficulty: Mr. Mousey guides the beginners, whilst Florence the Fox is there to help more advanced learners.

To conclude, download Sequences with Ibbleobble® and let us help children boost their sequencing skills with this number patterns game.

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Sequences with Ibbleobble®
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Did you know, Ibbleobble® Apps can be bought via the The Volume Purchase Programme (VPP). Schools can buy iPhone and iPad Apps found on the App Store in bulk and with volume discounts.

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Amos28 said:

“Makes your brain work. That’s the point! Great stuff Ibbleobble! More please!”

So, what is a number sequence?

A number ‘sequence’ or number ‘pattern’ is a list of numbers that are linked by a rule. For example 2,4,6 the difference between each number is 2… i.e. 2(+2)=4(+2)=6.

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