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Advanced early learner KS1 to KS4 Multiplication and Division maths drills

Ibbleobble® Brainiac

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Ibbleobble® Brainiac includes 2 Educational Apps:

Ibbleobble Multiple Choice Games

Ibbleobble® Brainiac – A cost-effective App Bundle introducing advanced early learners to Multiplication and Division maths drills

Two Apps means twice the maths fun! ✌️

Ibbleobble’s advanced early learner App Bundle includes our core Multiplication and Division maths drills and introduces children to basic arithmetic practice.

Ibbleobble® understand every child is different and we all learn differently. So, using the same multiple-choice format, we have made these games super simple and easy to digest. As a result, helping children acquire essential arithmetic skills through fun!

In addition, each of our Apps includes 7 levels of difficulty. The higher the level, the more challenging the sum. So, this means over time your child can move through the levels the more adventurous they feel.

We are confident our games will help children increase communication skills, creativity, and confidence if used regularly.

“Having laid a sound foundation with our early learner games Addition and Subtraction, this money saving App Bundle will hopefully help your child build confidence in Multiplcation and Division.”Paul Jamie Kidd

To conclude, why not download Ibbleobble® Brainiac, and let us help your child on their learning journey of fun!

Did you know?

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Ibbleobble® Brainiac
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Ibbleobble® Brainiac features:

  • Practice Multiplication and Division
  • Cost-effective and TWICE the fun!
  • 100s of different puzzles
  • Multiple choice answers – to teach through both process of elimination and knowledge
  • Repetition used to aid learning
  • Simple to understand gameplay
  • 100% ALWAYS ad-free
  • 7 levels of difficulty – the higher the level, the more challenging the sum
  • Fantastic sounds and voice-over
  • Colourful, friendly characters
  • Outstanding, vibrant graphics
  • No third-party advertising
  • Solve a sum, earn rewards
  • Increases confidence with numbers

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