Ibbleobble Multiple Choice Games

Ibbleobble® Educational Apps helps children practice maths & vocabulary… for fun!

Carefully designed for little fingers, Ibbleobble® Apps are an ideal solution for early learners to learn new words and practice maths drills

Words with Ibbleobble®

A simple multiple-choice word game for children that helps build confidence with learning new words

Addition with Ibbleobble®

A fun, educational Addition practice game perfect for early learners

Subtraction with Ibbleobble®

A KS1 and KS2 Subtraction recall game encouraging children to learn how to subtract

Multiplication with Ibbleobble®

The Multiplication Tables Check: KS1-KS4 ultimate times tables maths recall game for children

Division with Ibbleobble®

A multiple-choice Division game ideal for Grade 1 – Grade 4 learners

Patterns with Ibbleobble®

An award-winning picture patterns game ideal for children aged 4+

Sequences with Ibbleobble®

A KS1 – KS4 number patterns recall game, ideal for children aged 6+

Memory with Ibbleobble® Educational Game

Memory with Ibbleobble®

Ideal for all ages, give your brain a workout with our memory brain training game

Good to know

Ibbleobble® Educational Apps can be played on all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and even AppleTV!

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