Ibbleobble Multiple Choice Games

Ibbleobble® Educational Apps helps children practice maths & vocabulary… for fun!

Carefully designed for little fingers, Ibbleobble® Apps are an ideal solution for early learners to learn new words and practice maths drills

Word game for children

Words with Ibbleobble®

A simple multiple-choice word game for children that helps build confidence with learning new words

Addition Practice for Kids

Addition with Ibbleobble®

A fun, educational Addition practice game perfect for early learners

Practice Subtraction game for kids

Subtraction with Ibbleobble®

A KS1 and KS2 Subtraction recall game encouraging children to learn how to subtract

Times Tables game for children

Multiplication with Ibbleobble®

The Multiplication Tables Check: KS1-KS4 ultimate times tables maths recall game for children

Division Game for Kids

Division with Ibbleobble®

A multiple-choice Division game ideal for Grade 1 – Grade 4 learners

Picture Patterns App for Children

Patterns with Ibbleobble®

An award-winning picture patterns game ideal for children aged 4+

Sequences App for Kids

Sequences with Ibbleobble®

A KS1 – KS4 number patterns recall game, ideal for children aged 6+

Memory with Ibbleobble® Educational Game

Memory with Ibbleobble®

Ideal for all ages, give your brain a workout with our memory brain training game

Good to know

The different levels of difficulty encourage the child to ask questions and open conversations with you, extending the learning from outside the App into everyday life.

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