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Maths practice has never been so much fun!

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Ibbleobble® Educational games for kids increase children’s confidence with maths and vocabulary

Ibbleobble® understands learning new skills can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so we have made our Educational games for kids super simple and easy to digest. As a result, helping children acquire essential arithmetic skills and confidence through fun!

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Educational games for kids that are an incredibly fun way to practice maths & vocabulary

An incredibly fun way to practice maths & vocabulary

Increases Confidence Words & Numbers

A great educational resource to increase confidence with words & numbers

Educational games for kids that are award-winning & industry recognised

Award-winning & industry recognised


Tom the frog's Multiplication table

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Mr Mousey
Lola the chicken
Fin the hedgehog
Tom the frog
Nancy the sheep
Kelly the rabbit
Florence the fox said:

“In addition to all of the other wonderful features included, the developers have also done an excellent job making this app easy to use and safe too. With simple tap and touch functioning to move through each problem, children will have no trouble at all with this app.”

Early learner Educational games for kids by Ibbleobble®

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