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We make Apps, we are cool and we love to have fun!

Ibbleobble is an award-winning series of unique educational Apps that encourage children to celebrate being different. Ibbleobble Apps have been carefully crafted to help 4+ year olds widen their vocabulary, strengthen their problem solving abilities and heighten their word and number association skills. The different levels of difficulty encourages the child to ask questions and open conversations with you, extending the learning from outside the app into everyday life.

Our Apps and characters have been inspired by the Development Psychologist Howard Gardner’s ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’. This aligns the product with the International Baccalaureate curriculum (IBAC) – which is taught across the globe.

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Our characters are unique

The Ibbleobble concept is based round seven young children who put on their thinking caps to become their alter ego animals. Such as Mr Mousey, Lola the chicken and Nancy the sheep.

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It’s good to be different!

Ibbleobble understand that everyone is different and importantly, everyone learns differently so we have made our Apps fun, appeal to all ages and incredibly easy to use.

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100% FUN guaranteed!

Our bright, easy-to use interface is perfect for children to practice mathematics and vocabulary skills but in a very fun and engaging way.

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Annnnnd we have won awards too!

Our Apps have been recognised internationally by Creativepool who awarded Patterns with Ibbleobble ‘Best Application’ at their annual awards ceremony.

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Who Are Ibbleobble?

Two brothers – a small team with humongous ideas

Ibbleobble is the brainchild of Cleethorpes-born Mike Kidd and Paul Jamie Kidd.

The carefully crafted Apps captured our imagination via a round trip to an Indonesian school. We wanted to create something really unique, which would genuinely make a difference to children all around the world. We had the added benefit of being uncles to a neice and two nephews who have inspired us to make Ibbleobble a reality and a brand we are truly proud of.

Ibbleobble and…

Mike Kidd

“Im a keen designer and developer who just likes to create great products. We’ve made some exciting games for children and are improving the Ibbleobble experience with every app we build.”

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Ibbleobble and…

Paul Jamie Kidd

“I have always been interested in creating a high-end product that can genuinely make a difference to children in every day life. My passion for all things creative and my skill set provided a really good foundation for our brand, Ibbleobble.”

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