iMessage Stickers

Bright and breezy Weather stickers for iMessage mean the forecast is most definitely FUN!

Ibbleobble® Weather Stickers for iMessage

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Ibbleobble® Weather Stickers for iMessage features:

  • Includes essential weather icons such as sunshine, clouds, drizzle and snow!
  • Fully customisable
  • Mix and match colours and sizes
  • Fun-packed background included
  • Endless possibilities and combinations
  • Pimp your messages with this unique set of stickers

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How do I use iMessage stickers?

  • Open iMessage, choose a recipient, then locate the sticker pack from the icon tray at the bottom
  • Drag your sticker of choice and place it in to the message area
  • Alternatively, send a photo, message or background then drag your sticker on to the sent item
  • Make someone’s day. We all love to smile!
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