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Ibbleobble Brainiac App bundle - Learn Multiplication and Division

Ibbleobble Brainiac

Learn multiplication and division mathematics

Practice Multiplication and Division in one cost-effective bundle! Two Apps means TWICE the fun!

We understand that children may find maths a little bit daunting. These apps will teach your child using game-based learning to ultimately become a complete Brainiac!

We aim to create a safe and entertaining learning experience for children. Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad or even the big screen of the Apple TV! Our Ibbleobble games can help teach your child with basic educational skills. All of our games have been designed with little children in mind, we use easy to tap buttons and big text.

We never show advertisements or link to external apps. We have a parental wall which only you can access. And we have no in-App purchases! Therefore you can rest assured that they won’t be making any extra payments without your permission!

Download Ibbleobble Brainiac and boost your child’s education. School homework shouldn’t be a chore, Ibbleobble will make learning maths fun!

Our multiplication and division games can also be bought separately.

Includes Multiplication and Division Games

  • Practice basic multiplication | Download Multiplication with Ibbleobble
  • Practice basic division | Download Division with Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Brainiac features

  • Learn Multiplication and Division
  • 100s of different puzzles
  • Multiple choice answers – to teach through both process of elimination and knowledge
  • Repetition used to aid learning
  • 7 levels of difficulty – the higher the level, the more challenging the sum
  • Simple to understand gameplay
  • Fantastic sounds and voice-over
  • Colourful, friendly characters
  • Outstanding, vibrant graphics
  • No third-party advertising
  • 100% ALWAYS ad-free
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Ibbleobble Brainiac
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GBP 2.99
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