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Hey! I’m Fin the hedgehog!

I can help kids practice subtraction problems

Fin the hedgehog helps you practice subtraction problems

This is Fin the Hedgehog and he is known as the ‘Fixer’! He likes subtraction problems and can teach your child how to subtract with his iOS app.

Subtraction with Ibbleobble is a fun way to learn mathematics using a simple math drill technique which will keep your little ones entertained for hours, but more importantly help teach a core mathematics skill.

All our games are built with little hands in mind with easy to reach buttons and clearly labeled answers.

Furthermore it’s based on a simple multiple choice system where children can learn via the process of elimination, we discourage penalising wrong answers and clearly offer another chance to figure out the equation. Points are stored locally so you can see their progression on each of the 7 levels. There are 3 levels of difficulty, where kids can learn at their own pace or race against the clock!

As a parent or guardian you can learn 1 on 1 with your child or simply let them play alone with peace of mind because we offer no in app purchases, it’s totally free from advertising, we don’t use push notifications and definitely DO NOT upsell any other product in ANY of our educational apps. We do offer related apps, all of which are behind a parental wall that only YOU the parent or guardian can access, therefore making a secure environment for your child to learn and play.

Join our Ibbleobble friends, Mr Mousey, Lola, Tom, Nancy, Florence and Kelly, they will help your child learn all aspects of mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and much more!

Download Subtraction with Ibbleobble and improve your child’s subtraction skills!

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A highly developed self-knowledge, involving accurate knowledge of goals, strengths, limitations, moods, anxieties, desires and motivations. The ability to act on the basis of this self-knowledge. This means Fin is good at tackling things on his own!

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Subtraction with Ibbleobble

A super educational game that helps teach kids subtraction sums. This math drills for kids app will help each child practice math, develop their mental arithmetic, help them to gain a feel for numbers and the relationships between them.

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Colour in Fin!

In between Fin’s comic time, he likes to stock up on his ginger biscuits and colour to his hearts content!


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