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Hey! I’m Florence the fox!

I can help kids discover number sequences

Ibbleobble Florence helps you learn

I am Florence the Fox. I always like to dress up and look great. Fancy dress is so much fun! My favourite costume is a Chinese dragon as it’s really colourful! I like drawing and painting pictures of the beach and sending them to my friends. I always carry my sketchbook and crayons around with me. *Scribble Scribble*

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Spatial / Visual

A visual / spatial learner is that they generally think in pictures, rather than in words. They also tend to learn holistically, instead of sequentially, or in parts. This means Florence likes to learn through shapes, patterns and colours.

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Sequences with Ibbleobble

An incredibly challenging mental math game for children of all ages. This app is a perfect game for intelligent boys and girls to practice arithmetic. It will help them to understand the patterns that make the world more predictable and understandable.


Colour in Florence!

Being expressive with colour and shapes is what Florence does best… pass me the crayon box!


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