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Hey! I’m Kelly the rabbit!

I can help kids practice picture patterns

Ibbleobble Kelly the rabbit helps you learn

I am Kelly the Rabbit. I love every kind of animal… even the green slimy ones! My favourite shiny things are shells. I have a great big collection from the beach. I am very loving, kind and can talk to anybody, anywhere – on a bus, in a restaurant or at school. *Chitter chatter*

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Interpersonal learner

Interpersonal refers to something involving, or occurring among several people. Interpersonal skills refer to our ability to get along with others. This means Kelly’s outgoing nature means she loves socialising with others

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Patterns with Ibbleobble

An exciting preschool shape matching game that helps children match patterns and shapes. This app will help them to decipher sequence problem-solving understand repetition and familiarity, allowing them to recognise order and make predictions.

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Colour in Kelly!

Often, it’s Kelly who loves to paint, but why don’t you try your hand at painting Kelly instead 🙂


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