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Hey! I’m Nancy the sheep!

I can help kids practice division

Nancy the sheep helps you learn

I am Nancy the Sheep. I like running round wild but a snuggle and a nap sounds just as good too. I am very ticklish! I like counting and I am always up for helping you with your maths homework. I just love collecting daisies so I can share the out with all my friends! *High five*

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Logical / Mathematic

People with logical/mathematical intelligence are good at scientific investigations and identifying relationships between different things. They are also good at understanding complex and abstract ideas. This means Nancy loves tackling tricky puzzles!

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Division with Ibbleobble

A fabulous educational app that helps children calculate division. This app is perfect education for both boys & girls and encourages the development of mental arithmetic. While it helps kids learn how to divide it also helps them gain a feel for numbers and the relationships between them.

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Colour in Nancy!

While Nancy loves to do the complex stuff, taking time out with the crayons gives her brain a good rest!


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