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Award-winning apps aiding the development of vocabulary, numeracy and problem-solving skills for kids 4+

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Ibbleobble apps increases children's confidence with maths and vocabulary

Ibbleobble understands learning new skills can sometimes be daunting, so we have made our apps for kids extremely fun and easy-to-use. Our unique characters help children on their journey of learning. Best of all, learning new skills with Ibbleobble has never been so much fun!!

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Helping kids learn new words | Download Words with Ibbleobble
Learn basic addition | Download Addition with Ibbleobble
Learn basic subtraction | Download Subtraction with Ibbleobble
Increase confidence with basic multiplication | Download Multiplication with Ibbleobble
Master basic division | Download Division with Ibbleobble
Increase confidence with picture patterns | Download Patterns with Ibbleobble
Introduce children to number patterns | Download Sequences with Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Mr Mousey said "We love this app as it has great graphics, simple concepts, it is easy for children to understand and learn from. We really like the use of cute characters, themes, rewards that children can appreciate as well as the multiple choice game."

Ibbleobble Kelly said "Patterns with Ibbleobble is a great app to have in preparation for your little one's school experience. The characters are sweet, lovable, and encouraging. Collect treats for each character to keep them happy as your scores go up with each correct match."

Ibbleobble Tom said "In addition to all of the other wonderful features included, the developers have also done an excellent job making this app easy to use and safe too. With simple tap and touch functioning to move through each problem, children will have no trouble at all with this app."

Ibbleobble is for grown-ups too!

Here at Ibbleobble, we believe that you are never too old to have fun! We have developed apps such as Memory with Ibbleobble to appeal to all ages. It is especially good for brain-training and keeping an active mind. Proudly demonstrated by Bradley Simpson from The Vamps! :)

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