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Can you control the Pixel (Dash)?

The most addictive game on the App Store?

by Paul Jamie Kidd

Power to the pixel! | Pixel Dash

Is our latest app Pixel Dash the most addictive game on the App Store?

While myself and Mike have spent time increasing our product range on Ibbleobble (such as iMessage stickers and Games for Apple TV), we have managed to find time to roll out a simple, fun ‘one-touch’ #iOS game after teaming up with London independent agency #CricklewoodStudios.

Introducing Pixel Dash.

Behind the blast of colour and edgy graphics, this unique game epitomises simplicity… After all the simplest ideas are quite commonly the best ideas. We all remember being mesmerised by ‘Snake’ on our Nokia 3310…

Paul Jamie Kidd

The aim of the game is to control the pixel with your finger as it darts clockwise round the interface. Over time, the pixel gathers pace every ten seconds until you’re chasing it round the screen at the rate of knots!

Additionally – we have included a twist – We wouldn’t want this game to be easy as well as addictive would we?! The middle portion of the interface is made up of a ‘no go’ area. This means if your pixel goes in to the centre you lose points and your total decreases… Shame!

Be Safe

We have done this to encourage users to see how daring they are to play to the edge of the screen. This of course is the ‘safe zone’. – You have to trust us on this… it DOES get addictive and I find myself saying “Just one more go!”

Pixel Dash from KidDotCo on Vimeo.

We have found users getting frustrated at the very beginning as the pixel seems to have a mind of it’s own, but this too has been done purposely – I’ve not known anyone who doesn’t like a challenge. ;o)

I invite you to download Pixel Dash – have a play, get familiar with it and see if you can boost your reaction skills (as well as patience).

We can assure you your 57 minute train journey home will seem like 2 minutes once you have your head in to this game… We genuinely hope you like it!

Addictive game, Pixel Dash for the iPad

Bye for now…

Paul 🙂

Author: Paul Jamie Kidd

Director of KidDotCo and Co-Creator of Ibbleobble’s educational games for kids.

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