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Ibbleobble® have a brand new website! We’ve gone all BIG and ‘beautiful’😉!

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May 19, 2019

ibbleobble_paul wrote this

We can hardly believe it’s been two whole years since our previous website won Best Website at the #Creativepool Awards in 2017.

While we are super proud of our achievement, we felt after two years we were in need of a new website, which included an improved interface, look, tone of voice and an emphasis on all things BIG and BEAUTIFUL.

“We have spent many months improving how our graphics look in the App Store after all, this is where we are seen most. This set a style which we have carried through to our new website and how we look socially.”

Paul Jamie Kidd

An example of our recently updated graphics for Division with Ibbleobble® on the App Store

Here is a summary of how we have looked to improve

  • Clear semantic code, built in WordPress, HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bespoke UX/UI build and no reliance on a template
  • Responsive, mobile-first design
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Big, bespoke, endearing photography with some of the Ibbleobble gang!
  • Retained the Ibbleobble core colour palette, using white much more prominently
  • Introduced a much friendlier font which is easier to read and importantly ‘scan read’ too
  • We retained the dedicated App landing pages, streamlined the content. We want visitors to get information quicker
  • An embedded YouTube video
  • We placed a lot of importance on related content such as our App bundles, we want people to save money too!
  • Reduced the quantity of content as well as the number of pages on the site. It’s all about quality right?
  • Inclusion of testimonials, key features and factoids. This helps visitors to the site understand what we are all about

Ibbleobble® home page screen

We are only a tiny educational App company, almost as tiny as Mr Mousey… so if you could take the time to look round the site, we would be incredibly grateful if you could share it around and/or maybe give us some feedback (be nice! Recently, I was called a ‘Maverick 🐎’!)

“It may have felt like we have been a bit quiet recently and the new website is one of the reasons why.”

Paul Jamie Kidd

We are going into the Summer with oodles of new and exciting things coming your way, so please to keep in touch. We like to think you are on our wonderful journey too! 🌈

Best Wishes, Paul 🤖

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