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A Five-Star Educational App, Multiplication with Ibbleobble gets top marks!

The leading educational app marketplace gives us their feedback

by Paul Jamie Kidd

Five Star Educational App - Multiplication with Ibbleobble

The Educational App store – one of the leading educational app review websites – have awarded one of our most popular educational apps Multiplication with Ibbleobble a five-star rating.

Ibbleobble have continued to grow since it’s launch and we are clearly thrilled with the incredibly positive feedback we have received from The Educational App Store.

What is The Educational App Store?

Educational App Store is a discovery, review and recommendation marketplace for educational apps. All of our apps are certified and reviewed by professionally experienced teachers, to help educators across Europe and North America progress a younger child’s education.

“Right from the outset, this app feels child-friendly. From the child-like voice that announces the opening of the app and announces the names of the characters, to the large, bold, and easily readable typefaces used, the app takes great care over its presentation.”

Tell us more about Multiplication with Ibbleobble

Multiplication with Ibbleobble – one of our core educational apps – is an incredibly fun number game for kids that helps boost their confidence and give them a feel for numbers. Ideal for children aged 4+, the app helps children’s get familiar with times tables sums.

… And what are the key features of Multiplication with Ibbleobble?

  • 100s of different puzzles
  • Multiple choice answers – to teach through both process of elimination and knowledge
  • Repetition used to aid learning
  • 7 levels of difficulty – the higher the level, the more challenging the sum
  • Simple to understand gameplay
  • Fantastic sounds and voice-over
  • Colourful, friendly characters
  • Outstanding, vibrant graphics
  • No third-party advertising
  • 100% ALWAYS ad-free

Multiplicatiom with Ibbleobble

…5 stars! We are so proud!

The fact that industry experts such as The Educational App store has given their honest opinion of our educational app helps us immensely to reach out to the right people. It gives us the confidence to believe we are doing something right, in our quest to help children’s development.

Feel free to take a trip to The Educational App Store and check out their review of Multiplication with Ibbleobble.

Multiplicatiom with Ibbleobble

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Paul 🙂

Author: Paul Jamie Kidd

Director of KidDotCo and Co-Creator of Ibbleobble’s educational games for kids.

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