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Ibbleobble join ‘Grimsby and Cleethorpes Rocks’

We now have our very own painted rocks… Can you find them?

by Paul Jamie Kidd

Shhhhh..... Grimsby Cleethorpes Rocks and Ibbleobble

Look out for our Ibbleobble rocks in and around Grimsby and Cleethorpes! Sidney Park is a great place to start! *(hint hint)!*

I can’t think of anything better than spending a day with some of the Ibbleobble gang. Often it’s a day in the garden or a walk down the seafront to get an ice-cream but today we went all out creative, contributing a bunch or colourful rocks to the hugely successful Grimsby and Cleethorpes Rocks movement.

“Don’t forget to post pics of any rocks you find and it would be great to see any of our Ibbleobble ones that have managed to make their way around the town!”

Paul Jamie Kidd

Over the last week we collected some rocks from wherever we could find them, such as Cleethorpes beach and Weelsby Woods… I actually think we “borrowed” some out of the kids’ Nanny and grandad’s garden.

As ever Lola, Caleb and not forgetting little (micropig) Elijah couldn’t wait to get stuck in to the brightly coloured paints! haha – before long the kitchen table resembled something from a nursery school craft day, but it was worth it! Caleb was keen to make a black and green one whereas Lola (naturally) wanted to add sparkles and glitter.

Grimsby and Cleethorpes Rocks! and Ibbleobble

With the help of a few adults, namely myself, my mum and sister we created some brightly coloured Ibbleobble themed ones which bear the names of our seven Ibbleobble characters.

While we appreciate kids like movie time and playing games on the iPad over the weekend, you can never underestimate getting creative and doing something as fun-packed as this!

Grimsby and Cleethorpes Rocks! and Ibbleobble

It’s so great seeing children of all ages embracing the challenge to find rocks and credit to the people behind this group, it’s refreshing to see alternative ways of encouraging kids to be creative and importantly active too.

Don’t forget to post photos of any rocks you find and it would be super to see any of our Ibbleobble ones that have managed to make their way round the town!

Good Luck

Paul :o)

Please check out Grimsby & Cleethorpes Rocks for more information.

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Author: Paul Jamie Kidd

Director of KidDotCo and Co-Creator of Ibbleobble’s educational games for kids.

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