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Ibbleobble iMessage stickers are FREE for one day! :)

FREE Stickers! Here’s a quick heads up on our promotion! #GetStuckIn

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September 12, 2017

ibbleobble_paul wrote this

They say sharing is caring and today, we have made all of our iMessage stickers FREE for 24hours, so now is the time to #GetStuckIn

If you are anything like us, here at Ibbleobble, we love to send text messages, there’s nothing better than receiving messages from a friend, a loved one or even someone you haven’t heard from in a while.

Following the huge success of the emergence of emojis in text messages… Apple went that one step further by introducing stickers to their iMessage platform. This meant you could send smiley faces and gifts in the form of a sticker – super cool! Apple then invited developers to submit their own designs whether it was an animated rose, a barking dog or even a toasted sandwich – the combinations are limitless and anything’s possible!

We even decided to create our own iMessage stickers for you to enjoy.

“It seemed like a natural progression to roll out a range of Ibbleobble stickers. These have proved incredibly popular! It seems our Ibblebble Faces sticker pack is a particular favourite with our fans”

Paul Jamie Kidd

Here is a rundown of our Ibbleobble apps that can be downloaded for free for the next 24 hours!

Ibbleobble Face Stickers

Bright, bold and playful, Ibbleobble faces are perfect to send to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them… or how about Mr Mousey’s love eyes to tell them you care? You can download Ibbleobble Face Stickers here.

Faces Stickers by Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Googly Eyes

Inject a bit of comedy into your iMessages by placing animated Ibbleobble Googly Eyes on photos you share. This will surely brighten someone’s day.

Googly Eyes Stickers by Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Space Stickers

Make your iMessage conversations ‘out of this world’ with these super spectacular Ibbleobble Space Stickers to share with your cosmic companions! These stickers include planets from the solar system, rockets, and astronauts.

Space Stickers by Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Halloween Stickers

This ghoulish sticker pack that included gravestones, skulls, and witches proved really popular last Halloween and as this time of year is vastly approaching, we advise you to get your download in early… or else!

Halloween Stickers by Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Weather Stickers

Come rain or shine, make someone’s day by sending them our fun-packed Ibbleobble Weather Stickers. There will never be a dull day using iMessage!

Weather Stickers by Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Christmas Stickers

Would you believe there are only 103 days ’til Christmas? Treat yourself early by downloading Ibbleobble Christmas Stickers ready for the big day! <3

Christmas Stickers by Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Food Stickers

Crunch, Munch, Slurp! Whether you’re trying to be healthy with a yummy apple or pigging out on some fast food… let someone know by sending them an Ibbleobble Food Sticker!

Food Stickers by Ibbleobble

Ibbleobble Fridge Magnets

This sticker set is a particular favourite of ours, bringing us back to the time when we were kids rearranging the letters on our fridge! Send bespoke messages using our comprehensive digits. Endless fun guaranteed with Ibbleobble Fridge Magnets!

Magnet Stickers by Ibbleobble

Whatever sticker pack you download, we really hope you enjoy them!

Bye for now

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