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February 8, 2017

ibbleobble_paul wrote this

Today we received the news that our website has been shortlisted by Creativepool in the Best Website category. Winners will feature in their 2017 Annual. We have a small ask though… We NEED your vote!

Visit to register your vote! :)

It’s nearly a full year since our educational children’s app Patterns with Ibbleobble was awarded ‘Best Application’ at the launch of 2016 Creativepool annual. An award, both Mike and I are incredibly proud of. Mostly because it was a huge reward for the amount of work and effort into launching our brand Ibbleobble. Additionally, we found ourselves in good company with many of the leading creatives eagerly battling it out for a place in the book, this alone was something to be proud of.

Following the achievement of featuring in the 2016 book, we have thought we would ‘throw our hat’ into the ring for this year’s award – this time for the Ibbleobble website. We submitted and recently we were informed we had made the shortlist!… And this is where you lovely lot come in. We NEED your vote! Here’s what we would love you to do…

Vote for Paul and! #Annual2017

  1. Visit:
  • Find me! Paul Jamie Kidd (located in the individual category)
  • Click: VOTE
  • Thank you! Honestly, you have no idea how much we appreciate your time!

N.B. if you’re not already a member, a simple Facebook login will make the process a bit quicker.

Vote for Paul Jamie Kidd and

For people who know me, website design and front end development are probably the most important to me as a creative, so being able to not only demonstrate my creative skills, understanding the visitor’s needs with clear easy-to-digest UX/UI and create a site that is ideal for both children and adults. But also the more technical side when it comes to building a website in WordPress such as quality of the code and how semantic the structure is. All these elements need to be considered when trying to position your product and ultimately rank as high as possible for certain keywords and phrases.

Since launching, we have had great feedback such as about us page featured on Ibbleobble featured on

Here’s why we think our website should feature in Creativepool Annual 2017

  • Built on WordPress, html5, CSS3 and clear semantic code
  • Unique build, no template
  • Mobile friendly, responsive
  • High-resolution graphics (enforcing our fun-packed brand)
  • The inclusion of Ibbleobble bespoke photography (Consumers relate to endearing photography)
  • A detailed visual description of the gameplay of each app (We need to make sure people know what they are buying)
  • An embedded YouTube video (a clear visual summary of our app)
  • Signposts where to get our app and which cost-effective bundle it is featured in (so all bases are covered and we give consumers the opportunity to save money too!)
  • Recently added a blog to increase exposure, reach and ultimately traffic to the site

Example of the Addition with Ibbleobble page | Vote for us

Vote for Paul at

You know how much I love everything to do with Ibbleobble and from a personal perspective, I am so proud to be shortlisted. There are some great examples of high-end creative work and I am grateful simply to be involved. Thank you in advance! #GoTeam

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