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Googly Eye Animated iMessage Stickers by Ibbleobble

Because sending messages should be fun!

by Paul Jamie Kidd

Ibbleobble Googly Eyes

Introducing ‘Ibbleobble Googly Eye Stickers for iMessage’ – These super-cool animated stickers turn regular picture messages in to messages that make you giggle! Now everyone loves a giggle right?

To download Ibbleobble Googly Eye Stickers for iMessage please visit

Stick them on anything! We mean anything! Photos of your friends, dogs, cats, cars or even a photo of your feet! Just do whatever it takes to make someone laugh! It will be hilarious!

Recently Apple released this awesome video to promote stickers in the App Store

We like to think this is another fun-packed addition to our iMessage stickers… Learn more about how to use iMessage stickers or why not visit the App Store to see the full range of Ibbleobble stickers.

Bye for now

Author: Paul Jamie Kidd

Director of KidDotCo and Co-Creator of Ibbleobble’s educational games for kids.

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