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In our quest for perfection, Ibbleobble has had a makeover!

We thought it was about time we had a bit of new look… and we hope you like it :)

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April 9, 2018

ibbleobble_paul wrote this

Whether you’re involved in refining the perfect wedding cake or trying to beat your personal best for a 5k run, we totally dig people who strive to keep improving, after all, you don’t get very far standing still

And this statement cannot be any more true for us here at Ibbleobble.

Evolution is all part of the process of building a brand and, in particular, a product you have worked tirelessly on. Anyone who has a creative mindset knows there is no such thing as perfection. For us at least, when something is launched we are constantly ‘nipping’ and ‘tucking’ little elements such as keywords for the App Store or embedding videos on our website. We can’t afford to let things sit there and ‘hope for the best’.

If we continue to set a good example and show children that improving yourself – even the smallest of improvements, is a positive thing, we hope they will have the confidence to want to improve themselves too…

Paul Jamie Kidd

As established App developers, we are more than aware that the App Store, pretty much alone, is where it’s at. Whether it’s discovering a bunch of high-ranking keywords, how your messaging is displayed on your App Store artwork, or even if your icons will entice a purchase – it can make a world of difference to whether someone wants to invest in your product or not.

If you have no presence in the store then it’s likely that you won’t get much of a look in terms of sales. It can be, at times, incredibly brutal. Sometimes your rank in the App Store doesn’t do the time spent on projects any justice whatsoever.

For anyone who knows us, we are the smallest team possible made up of two brothers, so resources and budgets aren’t great. One thing is for sure, we keep going and going!

This is why Ibbleobble has undertaken the biggest wholesale change to our Apps since its launch.

Apple released its stunning iPhone X, so for us, optimising all of our Apps to work for this device was paramount. To go hand in hand with this, we have added artwork with a whole new look, for anyone viewing our apps on an iPhone X. We feel we have made a pretty good job of this. Out went anything too ‘fancypants’ and in came a more simplistic look.

Optimising for iPhone X was an important update

Ibbleobble Artwork Update App Store

We are not sure if you’re aware, but one of the more positive additions to the App Store in giving developers the opportunity to respond to feedback from people who have given us their ‘two cents’ about our Apps. We love feedback – so another one of our updates was to put some of this feedback into practice. You talk, we listen. So the gameplay itself has been modified, to make the sums more challenging.

Finally, as the creative guy behind Ibbleobble’s look, both Mike and I decided our App Store icons needed a bit of a rethink. Now they might not look like they have changed too much from the original designs, but believe us, they have taken weeks to get something we both agree on. Most of all we both hope you like them too!

Out with the old and in the new

Patterns With Ibbleobble Update
Sequences With Ibbleobble Update

Mastering the App Store – which is a full-time job in itself – will continue to challenge us. Ever heard the saying ‘if it was easy everyone would be doing it?’. It’s not easy work but with this wholesale update to our core Apps at least we are happy we are doing our bit to keep improving.

Our cost-effective bundles have had a new-look

Ibbleobble Bundles Update

BONUS! We have a new addition to the Ibbleobble collection!

Introducing Ibbleobble Preschool – a cost-effective App bundle that pairs Words with Ibbleobble and Patterns with Ibbleobble. We identified that these games are an ideal double act for preschool learners.

Ibbleobble Preschool Bundle

Ibbleobble is all about wanting to help children gain a feel for numbers and vocabulary. For some early-learners, it can be very daunting getting to grips with maths, so our games aim to aid their development. If we continue to set a good example and show children that improving yourself – even the smallest of improvements, is a positive thing, we hope they will have the confidence to want to improve themselves too…

Bye for now!

Paul :)

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